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Hey Cheri! Our Focus Question for June

Posted on 06/23/2020


This pandemic has impacted the travel industry in a way no one imagined. Worldwide travel has been affected including mass cancellations of flights, cruise lines suspending operations, hotels temporarily shutting down and more.

So why is it taking months longer than usual for your refunds to be processed?Well, typically for most large travel companies like airlines, cruise lines and hotel companies, refunds are a fairly automated process with little human involvement beyond the initial request or possibly the escalation to a superior for approval.

But with today’s global situation driving so many refund requests for reservations that might not have originally been booked with refundable terms, these companies have had to undertake hundreds of thousands to even millions of refunds with variations to their original policies.For most companies, this made the refund process much more manual in how the refunds are set up, approved, and processed.Compound that by the extraordinary volume and now we are seeing refunds taking 90 to 120 days or more.

So if you’re one of the millions of travelers who are awaiting a refund for your cancelled travel plans, hang in there.We will gladly follow up on the status of your refund if needed, but your refund is coming.

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