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Product Download Example

1. Get the download image you would like to use, preferably an image whose purpose is very clear:


2. Insert the image into the editor using the add image feature in the toolbar:

3. Click on the image and the edit option will appear, click this option and the following will pop up.

4. Enter the URL of the PDF (or file) into the "Link" section and click save (you may also choose to have the file open in another tab by selecting "Open link in new tab".

What to do if your file isn't online?

Not to worry! We have our own file manager.

1. Click "Content" on your tool bar and select file manager.

2. Click "Upload new files" to select your file or files to be uploaded. Your file name will appear beside the button once this is done.

3. Click "Upload selected files" to upload your files. Once it has been uploaded, it will appear below the "Filename" bar.

4. Click the file name and this will open the file, copy the URL/Address in the top bar. This will be what is pasted in the "Link" section when editing the picture.

Go ahead and click the PDF!

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